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  • Do you think that your hard work in modern WoW can be called grinding?If you are a modern WoW player, maybe you think you have enough experience to explain the so-called grinding. But in fact, you just spent one or two nights at the fixed location to repeatedly kill the monsters, you feel that you p...
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There is one thing that Maple Story

  • There is one thing that Maple Story does on cellular that Fortnite is still learning: It feels like an maplestory2 mesos actual mobile game.

    Fortnite is charged as a game that's essentially the same across all platforms. It is possible to login into your Epic account and play in your phone, your PC, your PS4, your Xbox One or your Mac and all your advancement carries over across all these systems. One account to rule them all, one match to bind them. However, the disadvantage of this concept is a portable game which feels a bit too awkward to play. Outside of its clever visual-audio cues, Fortnite still feels somewhat like a console dropped clumsily into a mobile format. No, there is none of those cross-play goodness of Fortnite but that doesn't really matter. Most cellular players just want to play against other mobile players.

    Little things such as a locked auto-sprint, a cleaner UI and much better handling with touch-screen controls create Maple Story a more enjoyable mobile encounter. It also just performs better generally, using a cleaner frame-rate (it works better than the Xbox One variant of Maple Story too)

    The auto pickup mechanic is remarkably intuitive in Maple Story cellular also, and the best of MS2 Mesos inclusion of bots helps make the game accessible to newcomers off the bat. All this adds up to a single fact: Maple Story cellphone only feels like an actual cellular game, whereas Fortnite doesn't--at least not yet.