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  • There are abounding accepting RLCS can do to improve,some below complicated than others.But there are baby things Psyonix could apparatus anon off the bat.All they allegation is to yield the adventitious and accessible their mind-set a bit extra.Are we defective whatever? Got any college thoughts or...
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[PoE 3.2 Build] 15 chaos orb BF BoR Champion/Zerker- Shaper/Gua

  • As of at this time, the mixture of mods using a stat-stick I mention from the video is becoming more expensive i really enjoy seeing. They needs to be 2-3c, however if you can't choose one for that, utilize Enemies explode one for clearing, plus the % gained one out of a weapon swap for bosses. You don't need the additional damage for removal, I've tested on t16s, plus the exploding POE Currency enemies is the central. Individually the mods are merely about 1c each, therefore it is cheap.
    So weapon set 1 (AoE Clear): BloodSeeker + Stat Stick which includes "Enemies killed explode dealing 5% of the Life as Fire Damage."
    Weapon set 2 (Single-Target Bosses): BloodSeeker + Stat stick which includes "Gain x% of Physical Damage as Extra Fire/Cold/Lightning Damage."
    Weapon set 2 (Single-Target Bosses): BloodSeeker + Death's Hand (1c) - that'll work equally efficiently if not superior to a single %gained stat.
    Hell, I'm still swapping to enemies explode from my crazy damage stat-stick right this moment. The enemies explode too lovely for clear.
    The last league I produced shrapnel shot trapper to farm currency early from the league. I had 11 exalts each week in. This build has netted me 50 promotes inside the same quantity of time.
    The budget on the build is 15c, which is entirely Shaper viable, and I made my mini fortune just farming Shaper with the exceptional Guardians. With level 19 skill gems as well.
    The build uses Blade Flurry becasue it is fast and OP as fuck. We makes use of the Bringer of Rain to be a cheap method to get a number of links, a BloodSeeker because RIP Vaal pact, as well as a Shaped or Elder stat-stick as our offhand as the news mods are simply disgusting.
    There isn't any bullshit with this build. No "you can perform this or that in the event you upgrade that or this item." The end-game is conquerable about the 15c you spend whenever you start maps. With no upgrades. At all. Hell half on the items I'm wearing from the video are self-found random garbage which had alright mods.
    Creator: Baldersh

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