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[Poe 3.1 - Spellcaster - Spirit Burst] Death's Oath Spirit Burs

  • Lightpoacher may be the obvious unique to use to the explicit speed meta in 3.1, and Lightpoacher's potential expands far POE Currency past just EK nova: there's room for improvement. EK nova's evident speed suffers whether or not only slightly on account of it being self-cast. Death's Aura traverses this disadvantage by as a possible apparent fast speed develop its as well as having virtually no need to stop moving while mapping.
    + Top tier clear speed
    + A massive aura which could deal approximately 60k DPS to anyone who steps involved with it that takes up half the screen
    + Flexibility in gear choice for things such as magic find
    + High life regeneration
    + Buffed up despair and temporal chains curses for most in the screen
    + What you use like a single target skill might be flexible
    + No six link is utilized anywhere within the build, in order that it has a relatively lower ceiling to max out of the character currency wise, and starting out is fairly cheap (under 10c)
    - Boss killing damage/potential is average
    - Very very socket heavy: their chest and helmet slots are used around make this work, leaving little room for anything else. ThisBuild is probably the most confusing and biggest challenge the build must overcome, so not recommended for just a first-time build or beginners.
    - Can't run Hexproof or zero life regeneration maps. Physical reflect from Spirit Burst can be described as a problem, there is however a workaround which is to be explained later from the guide.
    - A 5 off-color Death's Oath should be used and will typically go up a cost of 1000-1500 jewelers with all the vorici jeweler method. Death's Oath isn't worth using and soon you have 3 off colors and 4 sockets total, so a vorici 4 is required to start off plus a vorici 6 to finish it, -Spirit Burst from Lightpoacher could be the only eye candy provided while mapping, Death's Aura is invisible, so Spirit Burst may be the only skill you may be seeing most on the time. MMOAH offers Cheap POE Items, full in stock for all servers, deliver ASAP. MMOAH has attracted plenty of players since they have been doing service for many years, and they have been the very professional supplier as products third party.