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[Poe 3.1 Templar Inquisitor] Frostbreath + Ice Crash - 1 Millio

  • The evening before Abyss league launch. Buff to Ice Crash AoE, YAY! Not confident how rare the Lycosidae shield is going to Buy POE Currency become immediately after the drop nerf. Safest to rush to Resolute Approach rather than take Elemental Overload till you learn when the Lycosidae shield will price an arm and also a leg. Will keep your capacity to purchase tag about the construct until look for more.
    -Not Berserker
    -Non-crit Shattering of Enemies
    -Looks amazing
    -Cheap - with capability to scale
    -Consecrated ground is fairly excellent, particularly with Soul of Arakaali
    -Superior Attack Speed - 200%+ attack speed - shield charge zoom zoom
    -No complications with most bosses
    -Breaches and Harbingers are cleared insanely quickly
    -Not Berserker
    -No Vaal Pact
    -Not your billion DPS build for Typical League
    -Can't face tank everything

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