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Runescape Update Skillcape Perk Improvements

  • This week, skillcape perks will probably be improved, driving them to more useful and let you employ the perks within your mounted skillcapes!
    As of today's update, you'll be able to use the perks of mounted Construction, Crafting, Fishing, Fletching, Hunter, Magic Strength, Herblore, Quest, Diary, Music and Max skillcapes! (But it is just possible for your house owner to make use of the perks of mounted skill capes.    )                  
    Jagex not simply makes improvements to OSRS Mobile Gold skillcape perks, and also makes some existing perks better. Read on more information!
    The Agility skillcape and Max cape have a daily perk which restores 100% run energy and gives the effect of any stamina potion first minute.
    The Construction skillcape now offers a simple right-click teleport to store option.
    The Firemaking skillcape and Max cape now act as being a lightsource if they are held inside your inventory, and also when they are worn.
    When equipped, the Herblore skillcape along with RuneScape Mobile Gold the Max cape now allow one to create unfinished potions using grimy herbs. You are still awarded the whole experience for cleaning the herb as being the potion is made.
    The Prayer skillcape and Max cape now give the Holy Wrench effect if they are held with your inventory, together with when they are worn.
    The Smithing skillcape as well as the Max cape now supply the effect with the Goldsmithing gauntlets when worn, moreover to their existing perks.