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  • Th 3 lúc 12:22
    Đăng bởi Pierre Ambroise
    À la mi-juillet, nous avons publié à nouveau les informations sur la mise à jour régulière de dofus dans la communauté. Cette fois, nous avons apporté une mise à jour différente du passé. Contrairement aux corrections de bu...
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  • When I say trolling, I mean showing up for an RP event, realizing that there is about to be roleplay there, then actively seeking to not roleplay or disrupt other people who will be roleplaying. It should go without saying, but people still practice it and think it’s all in good fun.
    Our event yesterday was on SWTOR Credits our flagship. As a guild, we like allowing other roleplayers to utilize our flagship with regards to events. The decorations are fantastic, and yes it’s used up literally a year for getting it on the point who's is now. Allowing others to make use of the space increases our personal fulfillment. However, when folks disrespect the venue, that infuriates us.
    The event last week was PvP-RP (on our ship although Star Wars the Old Republic Credits not organized by us), and then we knew there was planning to be a good deal of particle effects, but it really was likely to be contained to 1 hanger where we house the arena. However, there was clearly some who intentionally moved the particle effect out from the arena while others who would seek to interrupt the PvP with particle effects and jumping into your ring. Classy.