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  • To find it, simply look for the Maplestory M Mesos white cube icon next to the house icon on the lower-rightmost of your screen.Above that white block must be a block using a paintbrush next to it, which is that the Maple Workshop. When you click on that, you are going to bring up a screen of your ...
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Path of Exile Update 2.6 Rolls Out Tomorrow

  • Path of Exile Patch 2.6 goes live tomorrow, and along with it comes the Legacy Challenge League. The Legacy Challenge Leauge allows players to try out past leagues at the higher difficulty whilst POE Items getting the opportunity to acquire the unique goods that come with them.
    Apart on the Legacy Challenge, Patch 2.6 may also feature a Solo Self-Found Mode where trading and partying are disabled and character progression depends solely on the player’s efforts. In addition, the update may also include Buy POE Items various bug fixes, improvements, and balances.
    The Fall of Oriath expansion is additionally planned for release later in 2010, check out the state trailer inside video below, or jump over on the Path of Exile forums for your full patch notes.