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Final Fantasy XIV: The King of Shadows - Gate of Eden: Flooding

  • Submersion is still not too tricky, but it has some ferrules in both aesthetics and mechanics. On the one hand, in terms of plot, this Final Fantasy XIV: Shadow Boehringer's raid is a return to the early boss... some twists and turns. On the one hand, it takes a lot of FFXIV Gil to buy the items you need to get through.

    In this less constant struggle with Leviathan, there are three main parts to keep in mind. The first and most important is the submarine earthquake, in which the giant sea snake destroyed part of the arena. You get some warnings - the text talks about how it builds ether, or something similar - and then after a few seconds, half of the arena temporarily disappears.

    When I said that half of the arena disappeared, I was not joking. It's too late when you see visual AoE metrics, so don't rely on them. Instead, as soon as you see the text (or cast), you will act now or be prepared in advance. Leviathan will always use the first cast to destroy the left and right sides of the arena, then use the second cast to destroy the left and right sides of the stage and repeat. So when you first see this tip, stay away from both sides.

    Tidal Wave is also worth mentioning because there are no real tips other than the cast. It will produce a fountain to the side of the arena (if you are watching Leviathan, you may not see it). Find it and run it as close as possible to it. After a short delay, it will push the entire party away... If you are not close enough, it will let you fly off the arena.

    Vortex is another point you need to know. At this stage, Leviathan was unable to attack and leave the arena, and three small blue vortexes appeared on the ground. Then these will expand to more giant eddies, so don't get close to them. More importantly, a considerable geyser will appear somewhere beside the arena. Unlike Tidal Wave, you don't want to be close to this: Leviathan will rush out of it and go straight to the field. When you find it, make sure you are not on half of the area that it will cover and find a safe spot away from the mini vortex on the floor.

    Tank: Leviathan has a line-based attack, so you don't want to be standing directly in the front of the party, so players should be aware that you should be good at protecting yourself with FF14 Gil.