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Final Fantasy XIV Bard repositions the show as a rhythm game

  • Bards gained the ability to play real music in Final Fantasy XIV by the end of 2017, and has since been an annoying bar spectator on the cover of "All-Stars" and "One-Winged Angel." A talented bard rethinks the Final Fantasy XIV as a rhythm game, and I can't stop watching their performances.

    Nicorzea Game Music is a YouTube performer who uses the in-game bard instrument to pay the final soundtrack of Final Fantasy XIV. The scoring with the composer, Masayoshi Soken's crimes, renders some tricky performances from fast-paced boss battle themes to moody ambient tunes. Nicorzea has created extra efforts to enhance their performance - these performances played about the controller instead of macro - and perhaps they are imagined as rhythm games. And every time you get the music that FFXIV Gil appears, it is usually a surprise for the participant.

    The recent cover focuses on the latest extension of the game "Shadowbringers" and its boss against music. Soken's extension scores are faster and come in a variety of types, most of which manually execute. The scattered "What Angel Wakes Me" or the industrial edge boss theme "Insatiable" has different tones, but all are memorable tunes pointed out by Nicorzea. They left enough original music to feel the loyalty of the performance.

    Of course, if you spend a lot of time in a big city like Ul'dah, you might hear some less-skilled performances of these tunes. Nicorzea's death rhythm and imaginative presentation made me feel a lingering question: If we have jumping puzzles and a Valentine's Day maze, maybe Square Enix will give us some better than that strange chorus mini-game. Rhythm game. In addition, if you need Final Fantasy 14 Gil, please click on MMOAH's homepage, where the best quality Final Fantasy 14 Gil is available.