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  • L'équipe de jeu DOFUS annonce la refonte des sons de jeuPour ceux qui aiment les jeux de dofus, une des choses dont il faut se réjouir, c’est que l’équipe officielle a décidé de redéfinir tous les effets sonores du jeu. Le moment de jouissance ar...
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Maplers are very happy! New Party Mission added to Maplestory M

  • Nexon America's iconic global MMORPG MapleStory today announced its "Pathfinder: Hero Squadron" update. Due to the launch of the Pathfinder role class earlier this summer, the live game update on July 24th is full of much-anticipated content, including a new Party Quest, a new dungeon, Adventure Island mini-game and a beast animal trainer. Character creation.

    In the Pathfinder: Hero Squadron update, players of level 61 and above can explore with friends in the New Ancient Ruins Party. By working together against the ancient patron saint, players can browse the portal in the order they are set, study the constellation and activate the switch to unlock the treasure. Players can also participate in Cross World Party Quests and enjoy Maplestory M Mesos and new limited-time rewards at Party Point Merchant Coin Store.

    From working together to working together in a team, players can also build a role team in their account to accept the monumental Gorgons. Players can develop their lineup more effectively and can collect more daily and weekly rewards to ensure rankings in the rankings.

    Besides, players of level 135 and above should be able to visit the new theme dungeon in Pathfinder's hometown: Partem Ruins. In the process of checking out the ruins, you must fight with three dark magicians to avoid wasting the town before summoning the standard beast to destroy its serene lifestyle. Adventure Island has added new mini-games and adventure levels, including Trailblazer and Bushmaster.

    For players who want to upgrade faster than before, the new Double Mega Burning Project will allow both characters to burn as soon as they reach level 10. Each time the selected character upgraded, they will receive an additional two levels from level 10 to level 2. If the player wants to improve quickly, try to purchase Maplestory Mobile Mesos at MMOAH, so players can reduce the time to collect Maplestory Mobile Mesos and speed up the upgrade.

    Finally, Beast Tamer's character creation will return in a limited time, allowing players to take advantage of various animal skills to deal with powerful damage and upgrades.