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The early game of Final Fantasy XIV made me feel like a worthle

  • In the past decade or so, the process of launching a new MMORPG has been relatively the same. The first time you start the game, you'll see the basics and some unique mechanics. You can play these games through a series of relatively dull or slick starters and get FFXIV Gil as a reward. Kill a zombie in this village, ship weapons to the blacksmith, or kill a flock of wild animals here. Whether it is "World of Warcraft," "The Elder Scrolls," Final Fantasy XIV, or some random China Mobile MMO, almost every time is the same process.

    Then there is the Final Fantasy XIV, which brings this practice to an extreme that I never realized I need to experience. It recognizes the analogy that most MMOs are starting to use again, publicly admits to doing the same thing, and then says, "Hey, I will do better." It points out to your character that you will be doing it for a while. Random odd jobs to "prove yourself." Then, it will let you know how valuable you are, showing you over and over again that you are not even worth killing the random zombies, even those violent animals. Instead, you can send someone else's groceries to remind a guard that their transition is almost there, or, if you are lucky, you can play a squirrel. Maybe you even had the privilege of giving up the tools left by the local carpenter in his last performance. We are talking about high-end things.

    When you start your Final Fantasy XIV tour, your character will become an adventurer. But in this terrible, distorted dark mirror, every adventurer begins in the same way: as an intern at Eorzea. When you become an adventurer, you'd better buy enough Final Fantasy 14 Gil to take risks so that you will be happier.