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  • Th 3 lúc 12:22
    Đăng bởi Pierre Ambroise
    À la mi-juillet, nous avons publié à nouveau les informations sur la mise à jour régulière de dofus dans la communauté. Cette fois, nous avons apporté une mise à jour différente du passé. Contrairement aux corrections de bu...
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Path Of Exile's Big New Expansion, Synthesis, Releases In Marc

  • Path of Exile continues and keep new content rolling out with a steady pace. Following the Betrayal expansion last December, the developers at Grinding Gear Games still need big plans ahead for that online action-RPG. In addition on the POE Currency launch of the next update, Synthesis, the developers may also bring the long-awaited turmoil the PlayStation 4 edition in March.

    The Synthesis expansion launches on March 8 for PC and March 11 for Xbox One. It will shake up the sport's familiar spell system for something more tactical and user-friendly, whilst introducing newer and more effective features that can give greater incentive for players to revisit past locations.

    For some notion of POE Items what should be expected, have a look at GameSpot's review on the PC version. It's a quality game, earning our PC Game from the Year award way back in 2013 when it absolutely was first released.