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  • Madden NFL 20 is coming soon, you will be able to Buy Madden 20 Coins at rvgm.com.   As things currently stand, Franchise Mode has absolutely no depth, and I’m truly jealous of anyone that’s able to get through a full season without realizing how pointless/repetitive it is. Madden...
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Path of Exile's War for your Atlas expansion out now, revamps t

  • Path of Exile's latest expansion is otherwise engaged now, and completely changes the way in which the ARPG's endgame works. It adds 32 new maps to fight through, as both versions has a boss right at the end, and also four powerful Elder Guardians that you will have to Buy POE Currency defeat prior to deciding to reach the newest bid bad: the Elder.

    Before the update you fought through randomly generated maps to achieve the Shaper, a Cthulhu-looking boss. Now, the Shaper as well as the Elder have reached war, seeking to separately spread their taint throughout the map. These taints modify the way maps appearance and feel: the Elder's minions will literally suck large out with the world, weakening your character when they're nearby, one example is.

    By deciding on a particular path it is possible to control the spread of POE Orbs both bosses, shepherding them towards particular maps, or fighting back resistant to the taint of merely one in particular, allowing the opposite to take over.