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  • Madden NFL 20 is coming soon, you will be able to Buy Madden 20 Coins at rvgm.com.   As things currently stand, Franchise Mode has absolutely no depth, and I’m truly jealous of anyone that’s able to get through a full season without realizing how pointless/repetitive it is. Madden...
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Path of Exile’s Latest Expansion Getting Revealed Later This Mo

  • Grinding Gear Games are teasing the most up-to-date expansion for Path of Exile.Path of Exile is usually a game that merely simply won’t stay off my harddrive no matter how thoroughly I believe I’ve conquered its mountain of POE Exalted Orb content. If you’re trying to find new challenges to get rid of and feel as if stepping back into the Wraeclast, then now is usually a good time for you to do so. The expansion is born out this August 20th, making this a wonderful way to end summer months if you ask me.

    While data is currently scant, we realize the expansion are going to be fully revealed in the end of this month, as well as its set to officially release inside first quarter of the coming year.

    It’s worth mentioning a different race season currently is underway, so that you can keep yourself busy with POE Currency all the game before new expansion drops. There’s also a fresh content update coming, with details being confirmed later in the future.

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