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What’s next for Final Fantasy XIV after Stormblood?

  • “In relation to its how far ahead of time we’re planning on our schedule, roughly we plan approximately two years ahead,” Final Fantasy XIV director and producer, Naoki Yoshida, reveals. The MMORPG’s second expansion, Stormblood, only launched back June, though the team’s eyes are actually turned to Buy FFXIV Gil what’s next for a short time, and a lot beyond that, too.

    Haven’t played Final Fantasy XIV’s latest expansion yet? Here are 5 biggest changes Stormblood brings.

    However, Stormblood didn’t exactly have a very comfortable start, which forced the c's’s vision out with the future and brought them crashing back into your present. A quantity of snags rolling around in Final Fantasy 14 Gil early days left some players not able to progress or completely not able to log in to the action.