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Guides, add-ons, and trading of Path of Exile 2

  • In addition to filters and a variety of build guides, there is also the official trade page pathofexile.com/trade and the fan-driven alternative poe.trade, which you can use to search for items in detail.

    This especially facilitates the purchase of larger quantities of POE Currency crafting materials; Just specify what resources you own and what you want, and you'll see who you need to contact in the game. So you do not have to spend time with great research, if an item is valuable, we put the PoE-TradeMacro to your heart.

    Based on the AutoHotkey scripting language, the program checks online items with similar values ​​and thus comes at an estimated price. So you can find out faster if you are rich now - or if only scrap is in POE Items your pockets. An auction house rejects the developers strictly, because in their opinion, this would trivialize the hunt for the best items; nothing would have the value it has now.