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  • As we mentioned earlier this week, after the Xbox One runs successfully, the accessible free game RPG Path of Exile is about to launch PlayStation 4. This version is the perfect time for the latest version of Betrayal, and Betrayal will release on December 7, 2018. Although it will land on consoles ...
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Final Fantasy 14: Patch 3.15 release in December with anima wea

  • In December, Patch 3.15 will be released for Final Fantasy XIV. And even the smaller episode update to the mega-3.1 update is impressive. With 3.15 comes the long-awaited continuation of the relic weapon series - so whoever already owns the zodiac weapons for his classes, surely knows what hard tasks await until the new anima relic is allowed to Buy FFXIV Gil be his own.

    So far, however, developer Square Enix has not shown any pictures of the new weapons or otherwise details the tasks he's revealed in the quest line. However, it can be expected that the procurement of the necessary materials will take a lot of time again.

    In addition to the new Anima quest line, Patch 3.15 for Final Fantasy also features a new side mission series centering around the Sank Endalim Theologikum - a quest for the Orthodox faith in Final Fantasy 14 Gil Eorzea? That could be interesting. When exactly the update appears, is not yet known. Probably towards the end of December - we expect the 29th of December and keep you up to date.