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  • As we mentioned earlier this week, after the Xbox One runs successfully, the accessible free game RPG Path of Exile is about to launch PlayStation 4. This version is the perfect time for the latest version of Betrayal, and Betrayal will release on December 7, 2018. Although it will land on consoles ...
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SWTOR: Shorter term and new rewards - Information on the 2nd Pv

  • The PvP fans among Star Wars: The Old Republic players are getting ready for the SWTOR Credits start of Season 2 - ushered in with Patch 2.7.1. From the developers there is now an outlook on what should change after the end of the first season.
    So the completed season would have lasted too long. From the SWTOR team's point of view, for example, the number of participants fluctuated too much. The problem is to be solved shorter seasons. About three months should continue the next PvP phases.

    As a result, there are not new levels of equipment every season, but players will get rewards sooner. Incidentally, the developers want to add more in this area. The world's best players are to be awarded special prizes. What this is about SWTOR Credits for sale is not yet revealed. The developer blog on PvP changes for SWTOR also announces daily and weekly missions designed to motivate players in addition to PvP.