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  • As we mentioned earlier this week, after the Xbox One runs successfully, the accessible free game RPG Path of Exile is about to launch PlayStation 4. This version is the perfect time for the latest version of Betrayal, and Betrayal will release on December 7, 2018. Although it will land on consoles ...
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Ever wonder just how much work enters into making a raid boss?

  • MMOs undoubtedly are a tough business. Not only do you must keep casual players entertained, you also must feed the needs of the famished veteran player base who will be constantly searching for new challenges. Square Enix's Final Fantasy XIV team manages to perform killer job using its savage (read: the toughest difficulty setting) raid content and also the PlayStation Blog recently featured a snippet of FFXIV Gil how the sausage is done.

    Speaking to address content designer, Yoshito Nabeshima, FFXIV community team member Matt Hilton drills on to what makes a raid boss tick. After deciding when a fight slots in the storyline (in this instance, the group chose Omega), they start digging in to the attack patterns as well as the strategy than it all. Even should you've never raided in a MMO before and aren't familiar with all the inside baseball terminology, Nabeshima does a fantastic job of explaining that the few Omega-specific mechanics work.

    Nabeshima says that first the seed with the idea is planted, then a art team does their thing, but Omega, they already had key art that almost "spoiled" its look already, thus it was a tougher task. Nabeshima even says that "with the first time in FFXIV boss history" that they to perform "major overhaul" from the battle, based within the feedback of famed producer Yoshi-P. Noting the fight wasn't cinematic enough which "it doesn't seem like you're battling Omega," the c's reworked it and yes it ended up learning to Buy FFXIV Gil be a memorable fight (having experienced it, I can say they're not just patting themselves about the back).

    It's a protracted read that has a cute little nod toward Omega's Final Fantasy V appearance, nonetheless it's worth bookmarking to the weekend should you're even remotely thinking about the behind the scenes benefit lengthy boss battles.