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Star Wars: The Knights of the Old Republic can return to the "D

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    Projects from around the Star Wars timeline are underway, and "Star Wars 9" is in the lead, but we haven't heard much from the distant past of "Star Wars: The Knights of the Old Republic" for some time. According to MTV News interview with Lucas Film Company President Catherine Kennedy about what will happen next to the Star Wars after the rise of Skywalker, this may change soon.

    After talking about the possibility of new trilogy characters in the future movie, and the relative lack of female directors in the recent and upcoming Star Wars projects, MTV interviewers asked the Knights of the Old Republic. "You know, we've been talking about this. Yes, we're developing something," Kennedy replied. Prior to this, players can browse the official website and select Star Wars the Old Republic Credits to better adapt to the game after the new sequel is released.

    "Now I don't know what will happen, but we must be careful. The rhythm of Star Wars doesn't start to feel too much. We don't have a crystal ball. Let's try and see with Solo if we can shoot two movies a year. And if there really is a chance to do this, we think this won't work, so we're a little bit off. But that doesn't mean we won't consider a lot of different stories, because it's about the excitement of this universe. thing."

    Given the background of the conversation, it sounds like Kennedy is talking about movies, Disney + Streaming Service Show, or other entertainment assets set in the Old Republic era, rather than teasing new video games. It is said that BioWare has been trying to reinvigorate the series of the Knights of the Old Republic for many years, which is more likely. Lucasfilm can skip most of the cumbersome steps and make Star Wars anytime, anywhere. In the action, players can succeed through technology, equipment and SWTOR Credits. But it is clear that today we aren't talking about the Sport itself, but the sport-derived movie about Star Wars the Old Republic.

    In addition to the Star Wars rebels get some legendary details from BioWare's beloved role-playing game, such as Star Wars: Star Wars in the Old Star Wars: Old Republic Truck Movement as an active MMO for eight years, the distant past of Star Wars in recent years It has already fallen back into obscurity. Even if we can't play them, I hope to experience more stories of that era.

    Speaking of the timetable, you can check out the Star Wars chronology video guide below. Or prepare for the future with each of our new Star Wars movie listings.