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  • MapleStory M is a replica of the original MapleStory for PC and can now pre-register on the Play Store. At the time of launch, MapleStory M will offer five courses and an automatic button like the other modern mobile MMOs.Fifteen years after its first release, MapleStory finally entered the mobile d...
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Get the Final Fantasy XIV Extension Heavensward without cost to

  • Heavensward is a good expansion for fans of dragons, be they stabbed or ridden.

    If you will get Final Fantasy XIV on the Square-Enix store, you may get the MMORPG first extension, Heavensward, at no cost before June 27. FFXIV is getting yourself ready for the release of the company's third major expansion, Shadowbringers, but it is mainly a game's dedication to linear stories, and until you don't love the plot, it is recommended to expand it as a way. Also today will be the last day from the "free" copy with the basic game that Twitch Prime subscribers and free trial offer users can claim here.

    Note: You may need to select the Square-Enix store area to see the giveaway, click the marker button in the top right corner of the page. Maybe you can see the fast purchase channel of Final Fantasy XIV Gil. In addition, if you later purchase an extension, the upcoming Shadowbringers will provide Stormblood for free.

    Heavensward extended the game by 50-70 hours. Even if you skip all the stories in some way (you missed it, if you do), you have three 'advanced' courses, starting at level 30, eighteen dungeons and six raids scattered over a new one. New area. Fortunately, only a small part of the new land is snow-capped, and it will soon leave the spectacular land. Most of Heavensward is spent in the magical sky island chain and can be accessed through new airborne mounts, although you need to complete a treasure hunt in each area to achieve free flight. This treasure can be equipment, jewelry, FF14 Gil or something else.

    The extension also includes some of my favorite music in the game, an excellent soundtrack. If you click on some vandals to wait, but a variant that combines the robot boss with the brass 70s anime theme is a personal choice, the fractal continuity dungeon theme is just hard. The final area of ​​the expansion also has a theme of climax. Still, for the optional boss Sephirot, there aren't many second-stage themes that can challenge the Powerman 5000 style. Sephirot is the top single in the game, and there are some great lyrics.

    From now until June 27, you can stop the expansion of Heavensward here. The main game is currently one of Twitch Prime's giveaway games, but it will end tomorrow.