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  • MapleStory M is a replica of the original MapleStory for PC and can now pre-register on the Play Store. At the time of launch, MapleStory M will offer five courses and an automatic button like the other modern mobile MMOs.Fifteen years after its first release, MapleStory finally entered the mobile d...
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Star Wars the Old Republic celebrates May 4th with the free As

  • star wars tor may 4th mini pet
    From now until May 6, any player who landed on Star Wars the Old Republic will receive their own special star robot, M4-Y8 as shown above. This mini pet, like other pets, is just a cool little follower that can be around you or keep your base camp and population intensive. Logged in players will get their astromech robots by May 10.

    In addition to the free robots, players can also see discounts on a range of items in the game cartel market, which is a free game in the game. This includes all appearance options, designer changes and series unlock 50% discount, 40% discount on all available Fortress decorations, and a 35% discount on all available in-game mounts. The deal will continue until May 6, so players who store cartel coins may consider buying something that suits them. Of course, if you missed the time, you can Buy SWTOR Credits on the website.

    Star Wars: The Old Republic has been stable for more than seven years, and the last expansion was the knight of the eternal throne in 2016. Recently, in the Star Wars celebrations in April, BioWare announced a new extension, free for all subscribers, called Onslaught. The charge will add two new planetary explorations, Onderon and Mek-Sha, Dxun's new action, Corellia's Flashpoint mission, and a new gear slot called tactical items, all players will directly change their abilities and game style.

    The charge is scheduled to be released in September 2019. MMO has been playing for free since 2012 and has become one of the most popular online games in the world. In 2014, there were about 1 million players per month.

    For other Star Wars related things, you can check out the new game added to Origin Access. Alternatively, you can purchase some special games and special SWTOR Credits for sale in the franchise, including re-release of the original Star Wars front line on GOG. Finally, if you want to aim with a lightsaber, For Honor has a special event to commemorate the franchise by replacing all weapons with a lightsaber-based design.