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  • path of exile Teil der Spieleinführung   [Diversifikation von Talentbäumen]     path of exile hat einen sehr starken und reichen Talentbaum. Das Spiel bietet den Spielern eine sehr offene Auswahl, damit die Spieler die verschiedenen Punkte der anfänglichen Talentro...
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Star Wars the Old Republic: EA allegedly won't let BioWare make

  • Over the years, we have heard a lot of discussions about BioWare working on the new KOTOR game. It is even reported that their Austin studio worked secretly in a new work in the series. However, recent updates to the EA / Star Wars the Old Republic fiasco seem to indicate that this is not the case.

    "They tried to achieve it more than once I heard," Kotaku's Jason Schreier answered on Twitter about BioWare making another KOTOR game. "No luck."

    For its part, there is not much information there, but there are more stories. First, Jason Schreier has been a reliable source of information on what happened in various video game studios for years. He is also responsible for a recent report that reveals why the Star Wars the Old Republic game in the EA era has been disastrous so far. If you don't have access to a potential gold mine, it doesn't matter, you can try buying SWTOR Credits on the website.

    He is also one of those who have previously said that BioWare is actively working on new KOTOR games. It seems that one point, BioWare has proposed a new KOTOR idea to EA executives (and may work in some games that may include technical demonstrations), but they never really started working on the project seriously.

    The question now is: "Why does EA seem to reject their right to do this?" For our best guess, we will guide you to the report mentioned earlier, which seems to have determined that EA is not really keen to develop so many Stars at the same time. The idea of ​​the Wars the Old Republic game. The report shows that EA's CEO has never been so excited about the long-term exclusive Star Wars the Old Republic agreement. If true, this can explain why EA has completed the minimum license. I don't know if you need to provide you with cheap SWTOR Credits for sale, maybe the website on Google can help you.

    What is heartbreaking is the impact of this news on BioWare's true intentions. They repeatedly claimed that Anthem was the kind of game they wanted to make, but now we hear that they seem to have tried many times to re-examine their most popular franchise and add new content to the old one.