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  • The story of this expansion is concentrated on five famous generals and their vast army. Although they came from different eras in 2000, they fought each other in the field of eternal conflict. This is the scene set by the game, you summon them to another dimension and start cutting them in the name...
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Path of Exile's expansion will "take the Diablo 4, for us"

  • Grinding Gear Games has been teasing Path. Exile's 4.0.0 large extension for some time, and we still don't know much about its expectations. Studio director Chris Wilson said that we will learn more at ExileCon in November this year, and this update represents the "next generation" step of the game. Wilson even has confidence in the update of Diablo 4.

    "As far as we are concerned, the expansion of 4.0.0 will have an impact on Diablo 4." Wilson told us. "It's the next generation of action-playing games that represent a huge upgrade to the Path of Exile. So we'll tease it on Exilecon, and players will get some hands-on time when building it early, which should be very exciting. "But I think the POE Currency PS4 discount will not be included in the expansion.

    ExileCon will be held in Auckland, New Zealand on November 16th and 17th, but the 4.0.0 update itself is still "a year and a half away." We know that Diablo 4 will not be launched in 2019, nor will it have any Other major new Blizzard games, but reports on the date of the Diablo 4 release show that it may be ready to launch in 2020. Assuming it has not encountered any more development issues, that is.

    All of this means that we can see the RPG giant's action battle later next year. We will also see the details of the ExileCon extension on December 3, so Path of Exile loyal users will have enough time to focus on and users will have more opportunities to focus on POE Items.

    In the near future, we have already obtained the Path of Exile: the release date of the Legion, you can pay attention to MMOAH, so that you can learn more about the expansion before launching in June this year.