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  • Do you think that your hard work in modern WoW can be called grinding?If you are a modern WoW player, maybe you think you have enough experience to explain the so-called grinding. But in fact, you just spent one or two nights at the fixed location to repeatedly kill the monsters, you feel that you p...
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Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers Game Extension Release Traile

  • The expansion plan will be launched on July 2. The expansion will feature new "gunners" and "dancers" work; the new "Viera" and "Hrothgar" competitions; the new district "Il Mheg", "The Rak'tika Greatwood" and "Lakeland"; and the new town " The Crystarium" and "Eulmore" and other updates.

    The collector's version of the extension will include art boxes, graphics, art books, logo stickers, playing cards and three in-game items. Pre-ordered users will receive two in-game items and will begin expansion on June 28. This item can also be Buy FFXIV Gil.

    Square Enix released Final Fantasy XIV Online for PCs in September 2010. After being criticized by fans, the company released an updated version of the game called "Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn", adding a new world and story. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn was launched on Windows PC and PS3 in August 2013 and then on the PS4 in April 2014. The game's iOS and Android companion apps were launched in August.

    Square Enix released Final Fantasy XIV in June 2015: A Realm Reborn's first extension, called Heavensward, which won't be the second time to expand Stormblood in June 2017. So far, the game has exceeded 16 million registered users worldwide. At the same Time, more and more Final Fantasy 14 Gil is also sold.

    In September 2017, the Final Fantasy XIV Dad of Light live TV mini show debuted on Netflix in the United States. The original original materials also inspired a live-action film adaptation, which will open on June 21.