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FIFA 19 developers have also redesigned the Kickoff Mode

  • In addition to some gameplay tweaks, the FIFA 19 developers have also redesigned the Kickoff Mode. This is indeed what indicates Electronic Arts in the official statement that he kindly sent us, stating that fans of FUT will also be entitled to some new features.

    More Modes of FIFA 19

    In addition to the classic Kickoff, which remains a normal match without a visual addition or modified rule, five types of games are proposed: UEFA Champions League, Special Rules, Series, Round-trip and Cup Finals. Each type of match brings a plus to the classic Kickoff mode so that each meeting is interesting and brings a novelty. UEFA Champions League is the most prestigious club competition in the world comes in kick-off mode as in the rest of FIFA 19. From the group stage to the final, you can set up a Champions League match including specific visuals and rules to live this competition in a realistic way and at the heart of the event.

    FIFA 19 Special Rules

    You who have always dreamed of playing a match in FIFA with unpublished rules or without these Special Rules are for you. You can now set up a match and set your own rules like No rules, Survival, Distance and ends. Whenever a user scores a goal, a random player on his team is removed (except the goalkeeper) to penalize him. Up to four players can be withdrawn since the auto-pay rule applies when a team has fewer than eight players.

    FIFA 19 Monitoring Statistics

    You can now keep your stats and your Kickoff Balance to get a detailed analysis of all your games played in this mode. Use these stats to analyze and refine your game plan, set your pre-game tactic, and prepare for each game. This advanced system retains all the gameplay information available in Kickoff mode for both you and your opponent. For more information, visit pointssale.com where you can buy cheap FIFA 19 Points. The cheapest fifa 19 points are waiting for you. With all this detailed information, FIFA 19 allows you to apprehend each match of the Kickoff mode as if you were preparing a real meeting by exploiting your statistics to define your tactics and your strategy.

    FIFA 19 Account Link - Take your stats Kick off everywhere

    Create your own Kickoff ID to keep stats on our servers so you can track your progress no matter where you play FIFA 19 on the console of your choice (IDs can not be used on multiple platforms different). Once connected through your main profile, link your new Kick Name to your online ID and continue your Kickoff experience on any console.

    FUT 19 Division Rivals

    Make yourself a place in the FUT community and compete against players from around the world and at a similar level with Rivals Division. In this brand new mode designed for FUT 19, you will compete against other members of your Division to win multiple weekly awards of your choice to improve your team.