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I didn't miss the Cheap Runescape gold

  • I began 2 or a month prior to the wilderness arrived. I didn't miss the Cheap Runescape gold open globe pking, wilderness pking was it was at for me, my primary account I was trying to max strength and got into the high 80's on classic, greater degree pker's would come and try to kill me while I was 3 iteming from the wildy, and a few times I really flipped on 3 and prayers hit them. God it has been so long) in wildy, but I hate risking so much expensive stuff, so I started making pures.

    I wound up with a crapload of pures, I tried doing pure pking with every metal from iron 2h via rune, eventually my rune 2h pure accidentally got a defense level from lagging(thanks !) And I started experimenting with a tiny bit of prayer and defense for steel armor, and couldn't hang with pures of a similar combat level that had no prayer and 1 def.

    I was sad when rs2 came outside, classic was the peak for best site to buy osrs accounts me, even though rs2 was playable, there was some charm which classic had. I lost my love of pking in rs2. The Pk'ing got more challenging and I did not feel like the match had the controllers for that kind of quick paced play style, it is a point and click game.