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  • MapleStory M is a replica of the original MapleStory for PC and can now pre-register on the Play Store. At the time of launch, MapleStory M will offer five courses and an automatic button like the other modern mobile MMOs.Fifteen years after its first release, MapleStory finally entered the mobile d...
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About the impact of the upcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic

  • If you have missed a lot of awesome Star Wars announcements, you don't have to be frustrated, BioWare unveiled Star Wars: the next expansion of the Old Republic, they call it an impact. This is a very low-key announcement, not even finding a trailer, but we will get it in September.

    SWTOR's current storyline focuses on the iconic clash between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire, and Onslaught will continue the story. It all comes down to a potentially decisive conflict on the planet Corella, and players will have the opportunity to be loyal to their choice camp or undermine their efforts. The expansion brought the Republic close to failure, but surprisingly, the Dark Council of the Sith Empire ventured to defeat the victory of the jaw by fighting power and great advantage of SWTOR Credits.

    The stormtroopers added two new planets to the Onderon jungle world (famous for KOTOR II and Clone Wars) and Mek-Sha, technically an asteroid that was excavated, but we call it planetary play. I have to say that I am a bit worried about these two planets. Are they really a new planet worthy of being included in the expansion? Or are they beautifying the everyday area as we saw in some recent SWTOR versions? I hope it is the former. I want a perfectly detectable planet with a story arc of the planet, side missions and the entire nine yards.

    It was great to see Corellia for the first time in the movie Solo, but I always think it is a bit mediocre in SWTOR. This is not life. As part of the new flash point, Onslaught's ending will return the player to Corellia, which for me is also an opportunity for the BioWare Austin team to showcase its iconic planet again.

    The charge will also add a new action to Onderon's largest satellite, Dxun (also KOTOR II). In addition to running for the story once, I have never performed well in SWTOR's operations, but for fans who have been eager to get new Ops content, this should be a welcome addition.

    Finally, there is a war trophy, a new system into the stormtroopers, designed to add extra depth to the way the course is taught. The system adds a new build definition i tactical project that can be combined with a new project collection to allow players to play the game the way they want. Players can choose whether or not to use SWTOR Credits EU. There aren't many details here, but for me, this is probably the most fascinating aspect of the expansion.

    Although not an official member of Onslaught, Nautolans will also be released as a playable game. For a long time, fans have been asking Nautolans, and they are also one of my most sought after playable games. I have written about the hope that they can play at least four times, dating back to 2010. It's been a long time, but I can't wait to launch a new Nautolan role to expand.

    So far, what do you think of the impact? Will it play when it falls in September?