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  • Incursion helps you to hunt down Atzoatl, a traditional Vaal treasure temple. To show its location, you should return to its construction on time. It requires you to find a different NPC Alva Valai, who'll promptly post you back to a random room from the temple. There, you will get enough time (just...
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The producer said that Final Fantasy 14 will not play a playabl

  • The upcoming Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers expansion pack will be released on July 2, 2019 for PC and PS4. The massive expansion includes two new playable games, all new classes, and many new tasks and content to gain insight. It doesn't have any new Lolita character classes, and any new extensions won't move forward. why? Because the Japanese are obviously afraid of the shame of social justice, this shame is put on lolis and shotas by corrupt organizations like the United Nations. Therefore, those playable Loli or Shota characters are not available even if Final Fantasy XIV Gil is not available.

    Producer and director Naoki Yoshida broadcast the news on the Square Enix forum on May 9, 2019, he explained...

    Final Fantasy XIV already has some of the Red Cliff characters in the form of Lalafell, but Yoshida is citing the impact of most Western organizations and large technology companies on Lolita and Shota content. Reddit, Twitter, Gab, and even Steam are forbidden to use lolis and shotas when they are portrayed in some way. Western organizations claim that lolis and shotas are equivalent to child pornography and are therefore illegal. The joint efforts of many types of social justice have made loli images and characters banned by media and video games.

    It seems that some Japanese developers are affected by this new discovery, and Final Fantasy XIV seems to be one of the games that promotes convergence. This game still requires equipment, jewelry, FF14 Gil or other things to quickly upgrade.

    Just a few years ago, this was not a problem at all. Many games have playable Lolita characters, including TERA, Blade & Soul, and even Final Fantasy games, such as the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicle. However, lolis is now considered dangerous in recent years.

    If Yoshida is now afraid to add any new playable Loli character to Final Fantasy XIV, it will be detrimental to the future of other Japanese games.