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  • Incursion helps you to hunt down Atzoatl, a traditional Vaal treasure temple. To show its location, you should return to its construction on time. It requires you to find a different NPC Alva Valai, who'll promptly post you back to a random room from the temple. There, you will get enough time (just...
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Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Ends Nostalgic Eden Attack T

  • The final part of the new version of Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers was put in place this morning. The little Patch 5.01 adds the first chapter of the Eden story, continues after the main plot ends, and offers players four increasingly fierce eight-man boss battles. The game is not uncommon, but these are some spectacular battles, including a massive nod to Final Fantasy 8. Below, I will try to dance around the vandals like many AoE markers, while still letting you know what will happen and how to start these new battles.

    For me, the last two actions of the shadow sprint are not just the name of the final fantasy for an emotional roller coaster. It's hard to follow, but it seems that Square Enix hasn't relaxed yet. The optional dungeons after the two stories, The Twinning and Akademia Anyder, are fun and offer some original story beats.

    To enter the new raid, you need to complete the main story and see the points scrolling. You also need to reach item level 425. I am very close to completing the main story, but I have to buy a ring with FFXIV Gil on the market to get me over the threshold. You will find a guard who will perform the task of "in the middle of nowhere" in the Crystal Pavilion. Say hello and then close you.

    Don't destroy the story, but the last two battles of this raid are a reflection of your character's first pair of primitives in the story. Presumably, you have a very active imagination, repressed memories, or just a lot of earth-shattering hits on your head, because they are new battles, accompanied by amazing new music.

    I think I will unsubscribe and hang up the game on hold before the next expansion is resulting, and destroy all of it in a few weeks. Your mileage, as well as your desire for raid loot and Final Fantasy 14 Gil, can vary. You can see today's 5.01 patch description here. At the same time, please be aware of me immediately why it is worthwhile to understand more about FFXIV, even though you have many numerous stories to hook up.