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'Rocket League' e-news veteran Jason 'firefighter' Nunez announ

  • Jayson "Fireburner" Nunez announced today he will retire to be a player on the Rockets League e-sports team, leaving a wonderful legacy, in front of the Rockets League itself.

    As the predecessor on the Rockets League, the veteran on the supersonic acrobatic rocket powered chariot, Fireburner quickly became famous inside the Rocket League Items e-sports and appeared in most RLCS World Championship LAN, sharing the honor with another player.

    However, his attitude towards competition has evolved over the years, and that he believes it's time for him to advance on.

    In recent years seasons, I have been strongly considering stopping the overall game because it is significantly less interesting in my opinion as it once was. In addition, it truly is super stressful for me.

    If that you do not hear Fire burners name, it's not possible to Buy Rocket League Items follow Rocket League eSports. Fireburner is often a founding member in the second season NRG Rockets League team and possesses become the cornerstone from the team through numerous lineup changes.

    Fire burners experience and talent are necessary for the success of NRG to be a team. With NRG, he won the RLCS North American Championship 4x (including two unbeaten regular seasons, an unparalleled feat) and entered the RLCS World Championship Finals from the fifth season - it is Fire burners own biggest Rockets League goal. The history with the classics everywhere time from the seventh game to bolster the overtime.