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  • Incursion helps you to hunt down Atzoatl, a traditional Vaal treasure temple. To show its location, you should return to its construction on time. It requires you to find a different NPC Alva Valai, who'll promptly post you back to a random room from the temple. There, you will get enough time (just...
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Path of Exile: Legion launched on PC, PlayStation®4 and Xbox O

  • Grinding Gear Games has announced that their award-winning RPG, Path of Exile: The latest expansion of the Legion will be launched on PC today, and the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions will be available on Monday, June 10.

    In the field of eternal conflicts for thousands of years, Wraeclast's most potent military leader has been fighting the endless war. In the Path of Exile: Legion, you will release their Legion and challenge them to POE Trade Currency and valuable rewards.

    In addition, from the latest expansion, Grinding Gear Games has generated a new melee combat experience. Now all melee attacks hit multiple enemies, all mobile skills are instant, as well as other categories that add extra movement and dodge skills.

    Path of Exile: The Legion also introduced result-oriented character types: Blood and Sand Gladiator and Berserker. Blood and sand gladiators can switch between bloody and sandy poses, plus the blood causes great harm to multiple enemies as well, and sand provides a better defense to the character. It is an attractive point. The new Rage Berserker introduces skills that generate or consume rage with specific attacks improving movement speed and attack damage. It means that players ought to rely on POE Currency to win and obtain rewards.