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Large Reptile Breeding Box

  • There are two forms of Reptile Breeding Box, but the shelves are made of this material. One is the top and back wall of wood, iron or copper on both sides of the yarn. In front of the glass door, the bottom of the metal drawer, which filled with soil so that insects in the soil within the pupa or spawning. In addition to the other in front of the glass door, the other parts are wood, the insecticide box in the temperature is not enough, you can add bulbs or other heating equipment. Insects such as locusts, crickets, and pupae that neutralize pupae, such as tobacco budworm and cotton bollworm, can be fed on the plants by the feeding box.

    Some reptile breeding boxes are mainly used for breeding insects in cold season. Greenhouse wall columns made of metal or wood, north-south brick, things and top-mounted glass, and leave a few windows. Thick glass curtains for insulation should be used on the outside of the glass. The walkways are set around and in the middle of the room, and the remaining part is built into a concrete pool of 1m in width and 0.5m in depth for plantation of insect-feeding plants. The concrete floor can be erected on the wooden frame to take advantage of the space. Indoor can also be insecticidal box, such as supporting the worm so that at the same time feeding different types of insects. Indoor should be hydropower and temperature, humidity instruments, in order to keep abreast of the situation, and regulation.

    Put suitable soil or insect growth matrix into the reptile breeding box, then put the eggs into the cylinder and put into the foodstuff. The mouth of the cylinder is covered with gauze or copper yarn, and the food can be replaced timely to breed. Using this method can breeding ground beetles, slugs, soil ants and other soil-based insects.

    Large reptile breeding boxes, cages made of wood, the size as needed. Surrounded by the top and screens covered with gauze, copper or nylon yarn, four wooden feet buried in the soil, leaving a door on one side of the cage in order to access the work. Cages planted with pest plants, put fresh food can also be set within the cage temperature, humidity and light measuring instruments in order to keep abreast of the cage environment. If the cage is outdoors, there should be rain plastic film and sunshade items. This method is suitable for raising ticks, locusts and other highly active insects.

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