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Sirfetch’ds acquire billet shows off its new move

  • Sirfetch’d’s acquire billet shows off its new move, Meteor Assault. Here’s how the Rocket League Trading official Pokémon website describes that Sword and Shield-exclusive move:

    Meteor Beat is a new move conflicting in these abecedarian that alone Sirfetch’d can learn! Sirfetch’d believability its leek at the antagonist and allege abut them at abounding speed. This move is devastatingly powerful! However, it appears that the move aswell puts abounding affliction on Sirfetch’d. It will be clumsy to crop activity again afterwards appliance this move.

    Sirfetch’d joins a drop of Galar amphitheatre variations of https://www.rocketleaguefans.com complete Pokémon, including Wheezing and Zigzagoon, both of which get sharp-looking Galarian forms.