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Players will be able to accept the Easter Egg Antenna

  • Rocket Alliance is adulatory Easter about a ages aboriginal by Rocket League Trading handing out chargeless corrective items starting this week, developer Psyonix arise on the official website.

    Players will be able to accept the Easter Egg Antenna, Easter Bassinet Topper, and Bunny Ears Acknowledgment alpha this Wednesday, March 22 until April 17. These Easter-themed items can bead about afterwards commutual multiplayer matches in any online playlist.

    The amend on March 22 aswell brings a new access alleged Dropshot which removes the accustomed soccer ambition nets and requires players to actualize new goals by antibacterial attic panels. The brawl is electrified in https://www.rocketleaguefans.com this new access and amercement added panels the best it stays off the ground.