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Quest series are getting small changes with every patch

  • 3. If the things you purchase cannot bring to the map, please contact LiveChat to trade EFT Roubles in the flea market face to face.We have professional traders to deliver Escape from Tarkov Items smoothly, and we will try our best to complete your order.

    as fast as possible. If we do not have enough Escape from Tarkov Roubles for you and wouldn't like to wait for any more, a refund will be issued immediately.Welcome to the Escape From Tarkov Gunsmith Quest Series. If you’ve noticed, the Gunsmith.

    Quest series are getting small changes with every patch. For that reason, we have decided to opt-in and provide you with our own builds, just as we progress through them with each new account wipe.Yes, I am the Mechanic. I have a lot of work to do. Get to the point, did you want to help? It’s a shame there’s so little time and the programmer unit for PLC100 is out of order. And those orders to www.lolga.com boot. Whatever, why am I even telling you this? I need you to assemble an MP-133, I won’t have time for it, and some parts are missing too. This gun should have more than 47 ergonomics, a laser designator, an extended mag, and less than 950 recoil sum. And compact, too, not more than 4 cells. Then we’ll talk.