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    Each competitive game type has its own rank. In other words, you will be a superchampion in 2v2, but just a chance in 3v3. It takes 10 matches to earn a rank in any of those modes. Your performance in those 10 games will determine your initial ranking. Rankings are only affected by wins and losses...
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  • Jordans 2019 Shoes have reported black and blue Air Jordan 12 before, is expected to be officially released this month. Along with the release date, a new set of footsteps is released. Air Jordan 12 Game Royal continues Air Jordan 12 iconic contrast color design, classic black and blue two-color modified upper, showing a rich layering, and Jordan's own foot on the sick color matching has the same effect. In detail, the black part is made of soft lychee leather, the blue part is made of suede material, and the lace buckle is decorated with matte black. The texture is quite outstanding. In terms of configuration, the midsole is equipped with a full palm zoom and a luxurious configuration of an oversized carbon plate, and it must still have a good foot feel. The classic high-top design with a highly recognizable black and blue color scheme is perfect for the upcoming autumn and winter season.

    2019 Mens Jordans has been extremely popular since its launch, and the new products built around it have also demonstrated outstanding performance qualities. Recently, Nike has once again launched a new running shoe Nike React Sertu with this cushioning technology. The body is made of multi-textured leather stitching, the biggest highlight is the Multi woven setting of the body weave. The outstanding texture and the eye-catching color make it ideal for everyday wear. Details of the forefoot outside the Mini Swoosh with anti-hook settings, the tongue is made of lightweight sci-fi flap material, full of texture.

    Cheap Jordans 2020 with the new products of the sneakers are endless, the Air Force 1 is still the first choice for many hipsters. As the temperature cools, more sneaker players will regard wind and warmth as a necessary condition for purchasing new shoes. Recently, the sneaker account US_11 brings two pairs of newly designed Air Force 1 official maps, which definitely gives you the desire to pick up hands. Continuing Air Force 1 High's consistent high-top style, it's clear that these two new colors are designed for the fall and winter seasons. The biggest special feature is that the shoe body is made of nylon material, and the whole pair of shoes is like a jacket. The windproof and warmth effect is bound to be quite outstanding. At the same time, the shoelace system changes its traditional shape and presents it in a more functional way, simplifying the daily wear and tear. Finally, with the rubber outsole finishing, it is worth mentioning that the lining of the shoes is also added with flannel treatment, which is definitely a perfect substitute for snow boots.