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The talent is there with Ball

  • Big Baller Brand's number one prospect has seen his stock tumble dramatically since entering the NBA since the number two pick just two summers back. Dispatched from the Lakers within this mega-deal which saw Anthony Davis proceed to the West Coast, Ball will be expecting to get a new lease of life from New Orleans. 2K aren't favouring Ball much either, together with his lowly 79 rating placing him way down under that of number one pick for this summer, Zion Williamson, also bringing him level pegging with highly-rated rookie guard Ja Morant. Ball's evaluations between NBA 2K MT and 20 show how his career has gone up to now. The talent is there with Ball, but you have the feeling this is a make or break kind of year for him now he's out of this LA spotlight.

    Even though the Greek Freak has been granted a substantial 96 rating, it still puts him behind the top two rated players at the match at a somewhat surprising move by 2K. The reigning MVP might have missed out on top the Bucks to glory but he was nothing short of spectacular during the regular season before apparently running out of steam a bit from the play-offs. Many expected to watch Giannis as the best dog in 2K's most up-to-date offering, but sitting behind the likes of Kawhi Leonard and Lebron James, while being level James Harden and Kevin Durant, reveals that Antetokounmpo hasn't quite convinced the gambling world that he's number one.

    Controversy surrounded Irving throughout much of the 18/19 effort as his frequent comments to the media poured scorn on his spell with the Boston Celtics. A former NBA champ using the Cavaliers, Irving was expected to lead the Celtics to glory, but saw his period in Boston littered with off-court issues before he confirmed a movement to the Brooklyn Nets this summer. A mere two point fall for Irving comes from 2K20, and he can count himself pretty lucky to still maintain the 90+ bar. Irving has all the stats and tools shrewd held up nicely last season, but it is reasonable to state 2K have been amenable to him.

    For the very first time in a very long time you will find question marks against Lebron's longevity and whether he is still the player he has been around for some 15 decades now. Still, his 97 puts him top of this heap alongside Kawhi Leonard in a somewhat surprising move by 2K.

    Murray was among, if not the standout guard during the season, so for 2K to put down him in 29th with a score of just 84 is a major surprise nba2king. The Nuggets celebrity recently penned a huge extension to stay in Denver after posting up over 18 ppg last year and shooting over 36% from deep. Murray's low score in the latest instalment of 2K sees him behind the likes of Trae Young and Donovan Mitchell, two players that are excellent in their own right, but didn't have the impact Murray had previous year. With only a 3 stage rise despite a huge season for the Nuggets, expect to see Murray's rise continue, and come 2K21, we might just see him right in the top echelons of the evaluations.