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    You just appeared from the Azurite Mine, bloody and full of spoils. You are ready to sell the treasure from the latest POE Orbs, and you are prepared to use the reel to transfer you to the nearby town... Ignorance betrayal is waiting.Welcome to Path of Exile: Betraying, the next extension of Grindin...
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Why they want to perform mmoak

  • Welcome to MMOak do you feel about the nebs in MapleStory, yes, I understand that Nexon is going to Revamp Nebulite System. Without inducing the plethora of issues that come with the 17, it's essentially the things that are important. Here's what they want to perform:MapleStory2 Mesos

    Increase nebulite boxes' drop rate. It must be roughly equivalent to the equipment drop rate in Temple of Time and.

    Eliminate. Either convert them make them no longer accessible. This includes the + stat nebs that are flat. Even without any equipment, a +4 stat neb can not compete with a 1 percent stat neb.. Buffing them is a choice but I recommend caution. They could shift the equilibrium of the game and I suggest making them untouched by potentials.

    Consolidate the stats. One A neb giving 3 percent another and dex committing 4 percent is unfair. The chance of ranking a neb and fusing for the stat you desire up is already low. This should also involve changing the percent stat nebs down one position that D has stat going up to A with stat.

    Remove the mix ticket requirements and then substitute it with a maplestory mesos cost. (Nexon should you want to choose the easy way out that you can put fusion tickets at general stores.) Fusing a neb with a different which is 1 tier lower if guarantee a neb of their rank. E.g. fusing a C using a B should guarantee a B.Remove the nebulite diffuser. Putting a brand new nebulite on a piece of gear that currently has one should simply replace and ruin the installed neb..

    As for keeping the cash flowing, I agree that the alien cubes must observe a return and should work on gear with fusing Nebulite as well as stand nebs. They could also introduce a money shop nebulite box that gives nebs to B with a prospect of A, which united with stage 5 would be quite helpful to the economy.

    Adding tiers of all neb boxes is an interesting idea but I'm not sure I am 100% on board. If the box drop rate is decent supply shouldn't be an issue Wikipedia. Until we can see what effect the other modifications have had, something like this should be left for later.