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    I play from time to time, like after a year I make a brand new account and burst. I never moved p2p and wouldn't necessarily want or need to. This may be seen for avoiding addictions. Now I have low level ironman to finish Dragon Slayer and that Mut 21 coins for sale most likely will be the end of t...
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Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic Reboot Rumors Might Not

  • Update: It turns out that Knights from the Old Republic project is probably not happening in fact.Citing "people informed about goings-on on the studio," Kotaku reports that BioWare Austin did indeed create a Knights with the Old Republic prototype, but that prototype was not ever greenlit for full-time development.
    Furthermore, the website says it's got heard that "the tastes BioWare Austin is working away at the company's new IP, that is headed up by BioWare's Edmonton studio and and must be SWTOR Credits US officially announced at E3."Additionally, Kotaku spoke on the man who broke excellent, Liam Robertson."Going to hold on to my hands up here--I think I just misheard some in the Austin stuff when I was talking on Skype, so I can have misspoke there," he was quoted saying."Let me clarify that I don't even think Knights in the Old Republic can be a current project ... I believe it might have evolved into something more important since then or fizzled out after that.
    I'm still confident Austin is performing something Star Wars related though and I'm confident in that."In a reaction to GameSpot's initial obtain comment, BioWare parent company EA basically, "We don't have anything to share right now."Original story follows.BioWare Austin is "prototyping" a fresh Star Wars: Knights on the Old Republic title, according into a report from Unseen64 and Did You Know Gaming's Liam Robertson.
    Speaking upon an episode of his podcast, that's exclusive to SWTOR Credits EU Patreon subscribers but is reported on by The Star Wars Game Outpost, Robertson said he it on "good authority" that this studio, which recently developed the MMORPG The Old Republic, was focusing on "a type of remake/revival of Knights with the Old Republic." This, however, has reportedly now become a different Star Wars project."I don’t fully realize how that game'll wind up," he continued. "I've heard who's isn't exactly a remake anymore, but it really started as being a remake/revival. Now it's type of going from that blueprint in sort of their own original thing.