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  • We are a few of the people who create Old School RuneScape. Earlier this week our entire OSRS GP game studio (Jagex) started working remotely, so we thought we would use this opportunity to answer any questions you might have. It'll help keep us sane! This was a diversion of RuneScape since it ...
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Roller Skating Championship: Rocket League on roller skates


    Ubisoft announced the launch with the limited-time free version on the new e-sports game "Roller Champions".
    At the 2010 E3 conference, Ubisoft announced that they've released a complimentary version of the new game "Roller Champions". Many people compared this new title towards the Rocket League Items inside same "Alliance." However, with all the implementation on the Roller Derby element, Farmville looks like extremely extremely creature. The roller skating competition will surely come back. This new game must be suitable for an increasing range of games.

    Ultra-fast paced action has created Ubisoft's exciting new e-sports game a victory. Become a member of the fanatic and violent trio within the game to have the most laps. You must avoid the game. Or go straight to their epic Grand Slam! Just like any other sports champion, the better you do, the higher quality the customization project you will get. The small track definitely offers Buy Rocket League Items a personal feeling, very similar for the level from the Rockets League.

    Where can I participate in the Roller Championship?

    Roller Champions is only able to be played at no cost until June 14, 2020. Think of it similar to pre-alpha, simply to get some feedback on the growing fan types. If you want to do it yourself, you can begin this short Process on this link. For more exciting skating themed games, click this link to see our coverage in the neon tails.