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Path of Exile: Easily launch the latest version in the quarterl

  • Grinding Gear Games is proud to announce that Path of Exile: Blight will be available on September 9th, the latest release of Path of Exile's quarterly update. Each extension of Path of Exile introduces a new challenge alliance, dominant POE Currency, POE Trade, POE Orbs, Path of Exile game style, and more.

    At Path of Exile: Withered, dangerous fungal growth has begun to appear on the cursed Wraeclast continent. They are threatening humans and beasts. With the help of the new NPC Cassia sisters, your mission is to destroy these growths. Cassia built a dedicated pump for this work. But as her pump sucks on toxic fungi, monsters of all shapes and sizes appear to protect against Blight. These demons are particularly hardy. Therefore, Cassia has designed a series of towers to help protect the pumps you can deploy.

    Blight combines rapid, crazy action on the Path of Exile struggle with the strategic fun on the tower defense game. To successfully defeat the Blight, you have to make a dynamic decision. Pay attention to the surrounding environment and prepare for future development. Successfully defending Cassia's pumps rewards you with precious weapons and armor, together with special oils. Cassia will use strong magic to smear your ring and amulet.

    It's worth noting that in addition to Blight's tower defense game, there are plenty of new skills, items, and balance changes. These include along with new defensive options such as Meat Shield POE Orbs, which support gems and increase your minions' AI. And updates to the existing minions-themed POE Items and POE Trade, as well as a radical overhaul of the Necromancer's strengths.

    The poisonous assassin prototype receives similar attention. With five new skill gems, it dramatically expands the action selection of players that like to cause pain and poison on the enemy. The new Elusive mechanism, based on the Assassin Ascendancy course, adds more mobility to classes that want to enter. Finish the effort and then leave.

    One of the core design concepts with the Path of Exile would be to let players have fun playing the way to play merely. To this end, we're also changing the principle task inside the final phase from the Path of Exile - that the world maps handle. Once you must actively pursue a mission master, or miss it forever. You can now accumulate these tasks after a while. Then manage to play them for your own pace plus the last map area you desire!