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Lazy EA developers copy and paste Madden NFL 19 into Madden NF

  • Over the years, EA has become complacent and lazy, as evidenced by the disastrous release of Anthem, Battlefront 2, and other products. The annual franchise particularly hard hit and suffered from franchise fatigue, and even at some point, even developers no longer care. It seems that this is happening in Madden NFL 20, where EA developers used the 2019 booth banner.

    A fan shared a short video on Facebook showing how Madden NFL 19's banner ads represent Madden NFL 19, which means it was a direct copy and paste of last year's game. It is the sorting work that EA did when developing the annual franchise, but it did not waste any opportunity to monetize actively. And Madden NFL 20 Coins is still sold as always, which also loses the player's money.

    The ultimate team model earned millions of dollars for EA, and now the company brings these elements out of sports. Yes, EA has led Blake Jorgenson to monetize non-sports games such as Battlefield, Star Wars, and Titan.

    Like Battlefield or Battlefield, our Star Wars game is very similar in-game depth – we can add the same mechanism for this. We spent a lot of time thinking about it. Not for tomorrow, but for the next few years, you will see more in our portfolio.

    EA has huge profits in digital content downloads and in-game purchases of game coins such as Cheap Madden 20 Coins. EA recognizes that huge benefits are the reason they plan to bring in more in-game purchases and DLC.