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Path of Exile: Pathfinder Iceshot Voidfletcher Build Guide

  • Path of Exile's pathfinder IceshotVoidfletcher built with a variety of variations, so the specifics we are going to discuss are by no means unique. Its focus is on Voidfletcher, a vibrating device with many exciting effects. Therefore, you cannot insert POE Exalted Orb into it, but you will find it unnecessary to do so.

    Combine it with a good bow and archery skills, and you can clear the map with little effort. Recommended equipment can be expensive. However, you can grab it from other versions to ease the burden of valuable PoE ball hiding.

    The void shot itself has considerable base damage. When paired with additional projectiles (such as the barrage effect), each launched ammunition may have overlapping explosions, further enhancing the DPS. Has a high critical strike rate and physical to elemental damage conversion to increase offensive potential. The damaged utility that matches your base damage conversion will make you more productive.

    As for the defense in this "Path of Exile" build, you need to get all the dodge passives. Keep the flasks active at all times and take some precautionary measures or blind measures to enhance your ability to avoid. The speed of movement allows you to avoid mechanical attacks.

    Of course, for this Path of Exile build, you will need a Voidfletcher. That's the foundation of the entire build, so without it, it's like a sandwich without bread. The recommended equipment is the work of the deceased, the shelter of the dragon, the ire of the sea, the tomb of the tomb, the dominating belt, and the sting.

    The best accessories are Pandemonium, the Elder Seal and Entropy Grip. Will increase crit, physical to elemental damage conversion and some rare POE Items for resistance. Find something that suits you.

    Now that you are ready, you can use Voidfletcher Pathfinder. It may run out of the vast majority of your POE Currency, but believe me, this is a fun game.