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Path of Exile: Small island, huge difference

  • If Path of Exile is just a cloned version of Diablo III, then its duration will not be so long. It also does not have such a dedicated player base. What makes this free game gems from Grinding Gear Games different from other horrifying action RPGs? What inherent qualities make it a favorite in the gaming world and a unique and popular title today? Well, there are many reasons why we will explore them like the floor of a POE dungeon.

    The first is a brief introduction to Path of Exile: Path of Exile is a dungeon crawler with a machete and a machete, where you will be mercilessly thrown into one of Wraeclast's seven exiles, Wraeclast is a dark, Unpredictable forces shrouded the island. Each exile represents a specific class - the predator, the ranger, the witch, the duelist, the shadow, the Templar and the Scion.

    The following are the only parts that introduce skill gems. Unlike other RPGs, these RPGs are inherent in the skill and are obtained by putting the points you get from upgrading and unlocking the necessary skills. In Path of Exile, they are inserted into the same color by the skill POE Orbs. The gear groove is obtained in the groove. Players must also match the prerequisite data that POE Orbs needs to use that skill, which is part of the trouble.

    To help players make more unique arrangements, PoE provides a sphere. The game has no gold economy, so for POE Currency players, using POE Orbs and POE Items, in addition to their monetary value to the NPC and POE Trade communities, you can also modify gear attributes such as affixes, socket colors. And links and grades.

    Instead of taking skills as part of the course, Grinding Gear Games chose to have a large and sophisticated skill tree. All classes have something in common, but the starting point is different, which reflects the class's ability to set. For example, the predator's starting point will give him more health and attack power, while the witch's will provide elemental damage and energy shield.

    The reason for making this setting more dynamic is that players will have to turn to other passive skills in the future to make their roles more diverse. Coupled with POE Orbs, exile is actually anything the player wants. Templars with agility, such as high crit rate and attack speed, duelists with high elemental damage and massive energy shields, and even flame spell predators! Think about it yourself and shape your character in a way that's unique to you.