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Madden 19 Player Ratings: Two players joined the 99 Club 2

  • Tune directly into ESPN’s “SportsNation” today (March 21) at 4pm Eastern Time to understand the full Madden NFL 12 cover athlete bracket.

    “Whether you choose from fans, media, agents, or including the players themselves, there’s never a shortage of opinions on the subject of the annual selection on the Madden NFL cover athlete,” said Anthony Stevenson, Senior Product Manager of Madden Overdrive Coins EA SPORTS. “So this season we’re handing the keys to the site the public. ESPN continues to be an enormous partner with the Madden NFL franchise, also it makes perfect sense for ‘SportsNation’ to get the platform that provides fans the final say in who graces the coverage of Madden NFL 12.”

    From March 21 — April 27, fans can go to www.ESPN.com/MaddenVote to vote daily for his or her favorite cover athlete candidate. Every Monday through the campaign, fans can tune straight into ESPN’s “SportsNation” at 4pm Eastern Time for that latest voting results and find out who will advance to another location round. Fans also can visit the Madden NFL Facebook page (www.facebook.com/EASPORTSMaddenNFL) to fill out his or her Madden NFL 12 cover athlete bracket to compete against their friends and co-workers to Buy Madden Overdrive Coins the chance to win many different prizes including Super Bowl tickets and copies of Madden NFL 12. Visit MMOAH for Official Rules.