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Final Fantasy XIV's 4.2 massive patch notes detail changes, cla

  • As always, Final Fantasy XIV's new 4.2 patch is along with a massive notes dump, and you'll read the preliminary notes now (Square Enix refrains from publishing exact numbers, until before the patch actually drops, specifically item values, in order to Buy FFXIV Gil avoid economy gaming).

    As expected it'll contain a new four-party raid that's according to bosses from Final Fantasy VI, a whole new trial, two more dungeons, more story content, as well as a ton more.

    Many things are standard of living focused, like more inventory space (through a Chocobo pack), additional housing items, instant teleportation for the houses of Final Fantasy XIV Gil friends, a baked-in recording feature (currently just for that new trial, with further testing that occurs), more "perform" (read: in-game instrument) actions, class balancing (Warrior, or "WAR" was changed one of the most), the shaking from various roulette (strategies to do old content for currency rewards), and also a lot more.