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Path of Exile 'ExileCon' Site and Details Revealed 3

  • The VIP tickets offer everything the Regular tickets do, but “Priority queueing for game demos and merchandise shop, VIP seating in the front of auditorium during the big event,” and also a VIP dinner with all the developers on Path of Exile Currency November 15th.

    The Ultra VIP ticket offers all from the above, plus “A home-cooked kiwi-style BBQ dinner with GGG Founders Chris, Jonathan, Erik, and perhaps a few special guests.” This dinner happens on November 18th. Exilecon will include the three.9.0 expansion, 4.0.0 Mega-expansion, the cabability to play unreleased content, race tournament finals, developer talks, merchandise stores, community meetups, exclusive digital content, along with a party.

    As of the time of POE Currency writing, you will discover 312 regular tickets remaining, as the VIP and Ultra VIP tickets seem to be sold out. Regular tickets are $200 USD, as you move the VIP and Ultra VIP tickets are $500 USD and $1,000 USD respectively.