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Onmyoji Arena is rich in color combinations

  • Onmyoji Arena is a 5v5 MOBA game that is developed by Onmyouji developed and published by NetEase. In Vietnam, the game also attracted a certain amount of fans, but due to high phone configuration requirements and difficulty playing, it is quite picky. In fact, the Onmyoji Arena installed capacity is three times heavier than the Mobile Coalition versions around the world and only slightly less than the King of Glory.


    After completing Onmyoji Arena Season 3, MOBA is analogous to various heroes inspired by ghosts and Japanese folk myths, finally entering Season 4 right on this Friday. And as usual, there will be new events waiting for you throughout Season 4, one of which is quite popular is the presence of Kikyo character as a form of continued event collaboration with Inuyasha. But what is quite surprising from this latest Season is the appearance of User Interface or abbreviated as UI which changes to be more cold.


    One of the advantages of the Onmyoji Arena compared to other MOBA games is in terms of graphics. Your eyes will be spoiled with visual quality that is so beautiful and alive. Even visually this game is rich in color combinations that are very harmonious and just right. Even though the Onmyoji Arena is equipped with good graphics, it can be said that this game will not burden your smartphone. Enough with smartphones with mid-end specifications you can play this game smoothly.


    In addition to character design in this game that has quite good quality in the style of the anime style. Each character is also equipped by a variety of seiyuu. You can choose the audio language version between Chinese, Japanese, and English, so you are more at home playing the game. If you need cheap Onmyoji Arena Jade welcome to rvgm.com.


    There, gamers will possess all the main elements such as 3-lane map, creep, level up system, skill plus and rich equipment. Not stopping, Onmyoji Arena has announced a new game mode with the same style as the famous Dota Auto Chess recently. Temporarily called Auto Chess Onmyouji, this mode is added immediately in the Onmyoji Arena game and uses all the shikigami and skills of the shikigami / heroes using Moba. Although Onmyoji Arena is highly appreciated in many aspects, it has not developed well in the community, so at the present time, this game is still overwhelmed by Mobile Union.