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But we recognize the value of the Dofus Kamas

  • But we recognize the value of the Dofus Kamas project offered by DOFUS Remastered so we need to provide you these improvements in a reasonable and protected way by working with its creator.You'll need to be a little patient to appreciate how DOFUS Retro is growing, but we were eager to give you this fantastic news, which has been made possible by your enthusiasm! Once again, a big thank you, and... Happy 15th anniversary, DOFUS!

    The thing concerning remastered is that all Ankama has to do is export all their old assets. There is no requirement to vector anything, because each of the Dofus artwork was vectored in the first place. They just seemingly made a decision to create spectacle components into jpegs- likely for both functionality, and client size. I've been tempted to download the remastered pack, but just to substitute landscape components which have levels of artifacting. Anything is completely unnecessary beyond the tastes of the founder.

    Although the Temporis servers, the next of their name, are themed about Bonta versus Brakmar, the rivalry between the Town and the White City is just nothing new. You know them thanks to its working quests, but for many decades now, Amayiro, the Bontarian Militia Weapons Master, his Brakmarian counterpart, and Oto Mustam, have gotten into the habit of writing each other several rather prickly letters.Each and every single day, we are fortunate to join our staff and work with you to create this epic story -- and also to offer you this playing area -- imperfect as it is, however, filled with surprises and charm. We are grateful that you've followed and continue to believe in Kamas Dofus Retro For Sale. And since we adore you, we have cooked up a couple of surprises for you. We hope you like them! A and unique new event is going to take place, and everyone who's ever dreamed of walking Ankama's halls will get a chance to do so. At least practically!